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Subject: meeting minutes for ARIP TC September 8, 2016

Meeting minutes 9/8/2016



Sally Martir

Charles Cooper

Ray Gallon

Stacey Stevens

David Filip


Upcoming Outreach and presentation opportunities:


Ray – TCUK Conference, keynote - September

Charles – TComm, presenter – October

Stacey Stevens – TComm, presenter – October



Glossary subcommittee

Sally discussed the Glossary subcommittee recent activities.

·         We will create a glossary book with Scott Abel called The Language of Augmented Reality.

·         “The Language of..” are a series of books which follow a template.

·         Each person in the ARIP TC will define a term.

·         The Book has 52 terms (one for each week of the year).

·         Each term spans two pages and includes a small bio about the term author

·         Here’s an example from another book (image included above).

·         We have met with Chet Ensign with OASIS to ensure we dot all of the i’s and cross all of the t’s.

Stacey discussed that Boeing library service group has a term bank and they will be interested in including our terms into their library (with credit to the OASIS team).


Stacey also discussed creating a Mixed Reality Technical Excellence Team at Boeing.


Research Subcommittee

·         Stacey discussed scrubbing the interviews for final best practices.

·         TOC – sections are being assigned (and still need more areas matched to experts).

·         Draft to be released by end of year.


Outreach Subcommittee

·         All folks speaking at conferences will market our TC.

·         Charles reminds to tweet, tweet, tweet! #ARIP #ARIPTC

·         Facebook is another option.

·         LinkedIn in another option.


David is having attending a working meeting in Montreal on Oct. 26th to work on the Object Model and new API effort. Suggests standards put metadata in different formats.


Chat window

Ray Gallon tlotc.com10:16 AM

Charles Cooper<http://xkcd.com/1718/>10:38 AM

Ray Gallon Suggested hashtag: #ARIP - simple, no? 10:53 AM

Stacey Stevens http://conference.writersua.com/techcomm/ 10:53 AM

Stacey Stevens http://conference.writersua.com/techcomm/speakers/stacey-stevens/ 10:55 AM

dF https://locworld.com/feisgiltt-montreal-call-papers/ 10:56 AM




Thanks! See you next time!

Sally Martir

NA Documentation Project Manager

Huawei Technologies USA

5340 Legacy Drive, Suite 175, 238N

Plano, TX 75024

work: 469-277-5854

cell: 469-939-1504

email: sally.martir@huawei.com



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