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Subject: Minutes of ASAP conf call Tuesday Feb 22

Title: Minutes of ASAP conf call Tuesday Feb 22

Hello all,

Here are the minutes from today's conf call:

·       Reported by Fujitsu:
o       Public clients and two services are up and monitored every day.
o       Public client to TIBCO manufacturer (old URL) did not work.

·       Reported by TIBCO:
o       TIBCO has new URLs for their services



o       TIBCO retailer to Fujitsu manufacturer: getting "error" response
o       TIBCO retailer to Shark manufacturer: error.
o       Manufacturer context data schema now matches the demo scenario

·       Reported by Together:
o       Shark retailer to TIBCO manufacturer (old URL) had problem.
o       Shark retailer to Fujitsu and Shark manuf. are OK.
o       Downloading definitions from Fujitsu, TIBCO, displaying them in JaWE, and updating then with a change works
o       JaWE has a new version which allows entering a username/password if called server requires HTTP authentication.
o       In credits, company should be referred to as "Together"

·       All Retailer implementations will use product_code to decide in stock or not, and order_number to pick manufacturer as follows

·       Demo will not REQUIRE authenticated requests. The new version of JaWE should be tested.

·       The front pages of the Reference clients hosted by Fujitsu and TIBCO will mirror each other; all listed processes will be tested. Sameer will send a note to Handysoft.

·       We are in good shape, the remaining issues should be resolved, and all services should be monitored till the demo.



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