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Subject: Re: [asap] Is wd-asap-spec-02c.doc ready for advancement to "committeedraft " status?

Keith Swenson wrote:

> Attached is an updated ASAP document.  This is the December document 
> distributed by John, with some final updates to correspond to the 
> WS-Addressing changes.  This document is a proposal for a committee 
> draft to take to OASIS board for standardization.
> Open Issues
> 1. Are the xsd and wsdl in this document valid and consistent with 
> document?
> 2. Is IRI different from URI, and should we use IRI everywhere?
It appears to me in the latest WSAddressing they speak conceptually 
about IRIs
but the schema refers to URIs, and there is a way to map IRIs to URIs...

> 3. Should ERP be used in more places?
The way I tried to break it out was so that EPRs gave us the extra 
we'd need about a service or resource (how do I talk to this thing, etc),
while IRIs(URIs) were fine for actions, namespace, or other things that 
needed to
be uniquely identifiable.

> 4. Are the namespaces declared correctly?
> 5. Any other last minute clean up suggestions?
> Clearly at this point we are not entertaining any structural changes, 
> or really any content changes.  The question only is whether this 
> document is consistent and correctly representing discussions we have 
> had so far.  Does it clearly communicate what is needed to know to 
> implement the protocol?  The biggest input should be from those who 
> have actually implemented the protocol -- this is a good time for 
> input, because once it goes through the final steps of standardization 
> it will be very hard to change.  So speak up now, or forever hold your 
> peace!
> We will hold a discussion of this document at next week's WfMC meeting 
> in Philadelphia, but if you plan to bring up items there, please send 
> them around by email before the meeting.
> -Keith
> Keith D Swenson, < kswenson at us . fujitsu . com >
> Fujitsu Software Corporation
> 1250 E. Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
> (408) 746-6276 mobile: (408) 859-1005

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