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Subject: FW: Revisions to the submitted revised charter

Dear TC

TC Admin has requested a few small and reasonable changes to the proposal
of the TC rechartering - please see below. Note that the "Liaisons"
section must be part of the non-normative section of the proposal.

I will resubmit the proposal in a few minutes.

Best regards,


On 4/12/12 10:30 AM, "Chet Ensign" <chet.ensign@oasis-open.org> wrote:

>Hi Kenneth,
>Here are the revisions I would like you to make to the submission.
>So that I have everything in one communication, would you put a note
>at the beginning stating that the TC approved requesting a Special
>Majority Ballot to approve its revised charter in its meeting of
><date> and provide a link to those minutes. I know that you gave me
>that elsewhere, it will just make life simpler if I have everything in
>one place.
>Please move the paragraph labelled "Liaisons:" to the non-normative
>section of the submission. Please put that in the "Similar or
>applicable work:" section. You can add it as a second paragraph.
>Regarding the First meeting - I believe GoToMeeting always provides a
>call in number for those that can't access the over the Internet.
>While this will sound a bit crazy in this day and age, there are
>companies (such as Bloomberg LP, the last place I worked) that don't
>allow employees to use web meeting software or even Skype! So please
>add a sentence saying something like "A conference calling number will
>be available for any participants who cannot access the meeting
>online" to make sure the meeting is inclusive.
>On the list of members supporting rechartering, as you are an
>individual member, your affiliation needs to be "Individual member"
>not Alfa1lab.
>You will need an org statement of support from Difi-Agency or,
>alternately, remove Klaus from the list.
>You need to add "Name of the Convener:" as the last section. I am
>assuming that you are acting as convener so you can just copy your
>information there.
>That's it. I'll start setting up the ballot now so it can get launched
>right away.
>Chet Ensign
>Director of Standards Development and TC Administration
>OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society
>Primary: +1 973-996-2298
>Mobile: +1 201-341-1393
>Follow OASIS on:
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