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Subject: SMP for next week's TC meeting and discussion

Dear all


Just a quick summary of the SMP documents to be discussed at next week’s TC meeting:


SMP 1.0 Working Draft 08, showing changes made since the public review:



XSD schema for the above:



Proposed resolution log for comments received during public review:



SMP 1.0 Working Draft 09, showing changes made for comments received after the public review ended:



Complete SMP 1.0 change log:



It is my opinion that all changes made are of Non-Material nature (as defined by the OASIS TC Process: https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-process#definitions), why I believe we can approve SMP 1.0 Working Draft 09 as Committee Specification Draft (and request a ballot for approving it as Committee Specification) without further public reviews. If any of you are of a different opinion, please let me know no later than Monday so that I can include the appropriate motions in the agenda for next meeting.


Apart from the SMP stuff above, we have pending resolving the comments received for BDE 1.1.


Best regards,




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