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Subject: Background material for electronic ballot

Dear Members of the Steering Committee,
The attached PDF describes the changes to the Rules of Procedure of Blue 
requested by our Smart Grid Technical Committees so they can affiliate. 
Essentially, the rules right now are too restrictive for affiliation. As 
you know our standards work is conducted in Technical Committees and the 
reason it is important for TCs to be able to affiliate is that the 
Member Section can then become a true place for thought leadership and 
focused action.
I believe Bill Cox, who is proposing those changes (and whose document I 
am enclosing) may post later with further explanations - but I find the 
attached quite clear and sufficient to make up your mind. Thanks in 
advance for voting. OASIS staff does support these changes by the way, 
and should you approve them, I will take them to our Board of Directors 
and request their final approval at our December 16 session.
Thanks in advance.

Laurent Liscia, Executive Director
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society
1-978-667-5115, extension 201

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20091029 revised EMIX Draft Motion Blue Member Section.pdf

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