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Subject: Issues Process

One of the first things we need to do as a TC is to agree a process for raising, tracking, resolving, and 
closing issues we have against our specifications.

Recently, several TCs under the OpenCSA Member Section adopted an  Issues Process, which leveraged experience from past TCs. I have
attached their process to this email and I suggest this TC review this process with a view to adopting it.

There are two aspects that we need to consider:
	1. What are the issue states and how do you transition between states
	2. What tools are we going to use to support this process.

I hope we can put this on the agenda for the next TC meeting.

Martin Chapman                                 
Consulting Member of Technical Staff           
P: +353 87 687 6654                           
e: martin.chapman@oracle.com                   

SCA TC Proposed Issues Processv3.ppt

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