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bpel4people message

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Subject: Food for thought: observations and recommendations

I’m writing to make the TC aware of a recent article [1] by Nick Russell and Wil M.P. van der Aalst in which they provide observations and recommendations relating to BPEL4People / WS-HT.


This research was conducted in the context of the Patterns for Process-Aware Information Systems

(P4PAIS) project, supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).


As the authors suggest: “We hope that the observations and recommendations presented above will assist the OASIS BPEL4People standardization efforts. We are convinced that an analytical approach based on the

workflow/resource patterns can aid discussions and remove ambiguities.”


[1]  http://www.bptrends.com/deliver_file.cfm?fileType=publication&fileName=FIVE%20ART%2DWorkflowResourcePatterns%2Dvan%20der%20Aalst%20%20Russell%2Dfinal%2Edoc1%2Epdf


Luc Clément

Active Endpoints, Inc

+1.978.793.2162  | luc.clement@activevos.com



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