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Subject: [bpel4people] NEW ISSUE: B4P spec doesn't support early completionof routing

TARGET: WS-HT, General

DESCRIPTION: WS-HT should support specifying early completion of routing.

Use Case: Consider a complex routing condition involves task going 
sequential across multiple assignees. If any of the potential owners 
rejects the task, then the task routing should be terminated.

· Support for routing patterns and policies
· Support for single routing pattern
· Support for sequential routing pattern
· Support for parallel routing pattern

PROPOSAL: Early completion can be specified in people assignment to 
control early completion of the task routing. The early completion is 
specified as an XPath expression and if this XPath expression evaluates 
to true, then the routing will stop. The early completion condition will 
be evaluated when the current task owner completes the task and the next 
task assignee is determined.

In the example below, the task routing will stop when the outcome is REJECT.



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