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Subject: New issue: Name of startDeadline/completionDeadline must be unique

WS-HumanTask 1.1 CD 05 revision 10
Issue Description:
Proposal for issue BP-127 introduced operations that use name of startDeadline/completionDeadline as input parameter. The specification must mandate that the name of startDeadline and completionDeadline are unique among the names of all deadlines specified within a task definition.
In section 4.9 make the following change: Add sentence
"The value of the name attribute MUST be unique for all deadline specifications within a task definition."
at the end of the following paragraph:
"The element <deadlines> is used to include the definition of all deadlines within the task definition. It is optional. If present then the WS-HumanTask Definition MUST specify at least one deadline. Deadlines defined in ad-hoc sub tasks created at runtime MUST NOT contradict the deadlines of their parent task."
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