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Subject: RE: [bt-spec] BTP Issue 39 : Resigning Inferior

The main significance of the change seems to be allowing for the Superior to refuse the resignation. There isn't any mechanism to do this - if a Superior receives RESIGN/rsp-req, all it can do is send RESIGNED, unless it has already decided to cancel (this Inferior at least), when it will send CANCEL if hasn't already. All of these end the relationship.
Or is the point that, if this is RESIGN/rsp-req the relationship is not ended immediately but only when the Superior replies ? If there is active phase recovery of some sort, the receipt of the RESIGN could be forgotten.  That would appear as a disruption event from C1 going to B1. (making this a minor technical issue).
As far as I can see there are a number of different reasons why resign may not be possible, or allowed. If the 2PC has got to the point where the decision has been made to commit, and a participant then decides to send RESIGN, I'd like to be able to tell it NO. 
the 2pc can't get to confirm (or at least, can't confirm this inferior) because that would require a PREPARED from the inferior, and the inferior canr resign after its said its prepared.
What are the other cases ?

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