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Subject: RE: [bt-spec] BTP Issue 39 : Resigning Inferior

Mark Little sent
the 2pc can't get to confirm (or at least, can't confirm this inferior) because that would require a PREPARED from the inferior, and the inferior canr resign after its said its prepared.
If there's something in the specification that says a RESIGN *cannot* be sent after PREPARED has been sent, then that's OK. In the 0.6 version there was, but I don't have access to the 0.9 version at the moment so can't tell. 
It's in the state table, and also the text for RESIGNED. 
What are the other cases ?
I was thinking about security implications, but since we completely ignore security anyway ... 
Generalising - wouldn't a security violation receive a security-related fault ? It would be similar to (and arguably is a particular form of) a communication failure - "your message was not processed because it was not authenticated" is similar at one level to "your message was not processed because it never got there" (and very different at another level). As far as the btp state (at the intended receiving end), it didn't happen. Well, perhaps either might hint to the btp process that a reminder (repeat of the previous message or the appropriate *_STATE mesage) would be helpful, but sending those doesn't change the state proper.
 (this message sequence had got detached from the spec-list thread)


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