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Subject: Attendance at the kickoff meeting


Unfortunately I cannot locate the sign-in sheet for the first meeting. On the other hand having accurate record of attendance is important to determine who can vote. I made an attempt to guess the actual attendee list based on the RSVPs I received before the meeting. Please post a message on the list if the information below is NOT correct:

Physically present Called in
Manish Balsara [manishb@aumsoft.com] Bill Pope, Bowstreet
James Tauber, Bowstreet Alex Ceponkus [aceponkus@bowstreet.com]
David Turner, Microsoft Corporation Gavenraj Sodhi, Access360
Jim Hughes, HP Dirk Slama, Shinka
Sven Frolund, HP Sazi Temel, BEA
Alastair Green, Choreology Alex Berson, Entrust
Peter Furniss, Choreology Hatem ElSebaaly, IPNet Solutions
Roddy Herries, Choreology George Hamilton, AppliedTheory
Krishna Sankar, Cisco Nenad Ivezic, NIST
Greg Giles, Cisco Karl Best, OASIS
2 TBD, Entrust Ted Cooper, Cohesia
Bryan Caporlette, Sequoia Software Mark Potts, Talking Blocks
Mark Hale, Interwowen Mark Jones, Mercator
Fred Carter, Sun Microsystems Mark Little, HP
Dain Hansen +1 , ECTone
Tina Tuan, Crosslogix
Jae Cha, VML
Rocky Stewart, BEA
Pal Takacsi-Nagy, BEA
Sanjay Dalal, BEA

Pal Takacsi-Nagy
Staff Engineer
BEA eCI division

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