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business-transaction message

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Subject: List of people signed up for subcommittees

Attached is the list of people, who signed up for the various

Pal Takacsi-Nagy
Staff Engineer
BEA eCI division
1, Messaging/binding, system messages 2, Security 3, Transaction models, Protocol Model, Terminology 4, Requirements, Use Cases 5, Interoperability, conformance testing 6, Specification doc. 7, Workflow
James Tauber,chair Roddie Herries Joachim Quantz Jae Cha Hatem ElSebaaly James Tauber, co-chair Sazi Temel
Hatem ElSebaaly Dave Ingham Sazi Temel Mark Little Mark Hale Greg Giles James Clark
Mark Hale Jim Webber Greg Giles Peter Furniss Jae Cha Gordon Hamilton Dirk Slama
Bryan Caporlette Tina Tuan James Clark Alastair Green Alastair Green Mark Little Mark Little
Peter Furniss Krishna Sankar Bryan Caporlette Dave Ingham Mark Little Peter Furniss, chair Roddie Herries
Jim Webber Keith Weir Dirk Slama Savas Parastatidis  Manish Balsara Dave Ingham Dave Ingham
Savas Parastatidis Jason Anderson Mark Little Kaith Weir Mark Potts Savas Parastatidis Jim Webber
Dain Hansen Peter Furniss Jason Anderson Dain Hansen Jason Anderson
Keith Weir Alastair Green Keith Weir
Manish Balsara Dain Hansen Sazi Temel
Jason Anderson Keith Weir
Sanjay Dalal
Pal Takacsi-Nagy
Frederick Carter
Nick Xidis
Mark Potts

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