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Subject: RE: terminology

Sanjay Dalal sent:
As I was suggesting on conf. call today, we should have glossary of terms that we are going to use while defining specifications. Peter Furniss agreed to define 4 levels. I suggest that we extend that list gradually as we progress. This must also be a list of terms that will be used consistently across subcommittees. I suggest a person involved in subcommittees of specification doc. and protocol model should take care of this.
As you'll see, they're draft definitions with a summary of the discussion - probably will need reworking (even if everyone agrees without, which I doubt). (BTW, the format (Word) was just because I wanted better than flat-text and that's what I drafted it with - if people what something different, let me know)
You are right that we need a steadily extending list of terms, and I can be the custodian unless others are really keen :-)

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