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business-transaction message

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Subject: BT TC Oct 7 con call minutes

BTP conference call
  2003-10-07 (Tuesday)

    Alastair Green (Choreology)
    Peter Furniss (Choreology)
    Tony Fletcher (Choreology)
    Alex Ceponkus (Choreology)
    Bill Pope (Choreology)
    Steve White (IBM)
    Anne Thomas Manes (Burton)
    Mark Little (Arjuna)
    Martin Chapman (Oracle)

    Jamie Bryce Clark (OASIS)
    Bob Haugen

  Quorum requires 11 members, 9 participated.  Meeting was not

* Actions:
  a. Schedule follow up call with more notice of logistics
     Two weeks from today, same time, same place.

     Tuesday October 21, 9AM pacific, noon eastern, 5PM uk
     Number +44 208 322 2500   Participant Access Code: 558076#
     From the UK you candial 0870 410 7815

  b. Fix the TC website, charter and documents.

* Agenda for Oct 21 call
  1. Charter, current state and delta between versions
     - original
     - As changed at Liberty Corner
     - As amended at Newcastle and included in the specification
  2. Maintenance and Issues discovered in implementation
     Further understand the use of BTP for other than web services
     e.g., Java RMI and JMS.  This is based on feedback from
     Choreology customers.
  3. What role can the BT TC play for convergence of business
     transaction management.
     Possibly including WS-C+T, WS-CAF, WS-BPEL, BPSS
  4. Need to fix the website.
     Be able to find everything that the committee had done.
     See all the documents related to the work thru the website.
     Make sure that the work of the committee is adequately reflected
     on the website.
  5. Doug's question: should the TC continue.

* Discussion

** Agenda for the follow-on call.
   The chair was savaged for holding the call with such short notice.
   The first discussion point was scheduling a call with enough notice
   so that people could attend.

   Agenda items for the next call were put forward culiminating in the
   list above.

** Changes to the TC Process
     What are the changes?
     What's the effect on this TC?

     Jamie Bryce Clark
     TC process rules have been changed and this is reflected on the
     web site (www.oasis-open.org).
     Changes to company persons participation
     Changes to the attendance rules.
     - Quorum is established at the beginning of a meeting
     - Maintaining membership requires attending meetings and/or
       votes.  This is intended to allow for both tightly coupled and
       loosely coupled TC operations.
     - Prospective members must follow the rules for maintaining
       membership in order to establish membership.
     Question: does our TC allow the chair to issue email ballots or
     Kavi ballots.  Historically we have voted to allow email ballots
     and this is presumed to extend to Kavi ballots.
     - More explicit rules and visibility for persons who are leaving
     the TC

     - Renamed "Committee Specification" to "Committee Draft" tho
       existings specs do not need to change.
     - Moving to standard requires a declaration of other items in the
       space so that those voting can have a better understanding
       prior to voting.
     - Vote required
       Had been 10% positive vote from members.  Now requires a 15%
       positive vote.  This is a percentage of the organizational
       membership i.e., company members.  Currently some where in the
       high 300s.

     For the future the OASIS Board is considering revisions to the
     IPR policy.  The nature of those discussions can be inquired of
     the board members.

     Liason policy.  There is now a formal liason policy.
     This new policy covers:
     - envoys to other OASIS TCs
     - envoys to other standards organizations
     - sending work developed at OASIS to other organizations

* Agenda
** Issues



William Z Pope                            Bill.Pope@Choreology.com
Choreology Ltd                          US Office: +1 603 373 0598
Director of Product Management   London Office: +44 (0)8707 369686
                                           Mobile: +1 603 502 4490

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