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business-transaction message

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Subject: Fwd: public commment from Boris Lublinsky

Forwarded from business-transaction-comment:

Comment from: boris.lublinsky@cna.com

Transaction processing for Web Services today suffers significantly from
proliferation of the Web Services transactions standards. Between BTP
and WS-transactions, there is a lot of similarities, but yet the
standards are different. What makes the situation even worse is the fact
that the leading web Services Business Process management standard -
BPEL, introduces yet another transactional model, which is not alligned
with either BTP or WS-Transactions. It would certainly make sense to try
to merge all these multiple standards together. It would also make sense
to use BTP as an umbrella standard, due to the fact that it seem to have
the broadest coverage and allows to express most of the semantics, that
can be found in other transaction protocols

[Note: Mr. Lublinsky has studied distributed transaction protocols for
many years. He has written several important articles on the subject,

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