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business-transaction message

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Subject: Charter text

In an earlier time the BT TC voted twice to modify its charter.  By
my records the "official" charter should be as follows.  This was
voted first at the Liberty Corner meeting and then refined again at
the Newcastle meeting.



The initial Call For Participation for this TC may be found at

The charter for this TC is as follows.


Business Transaction Technical Committee (BTP)

Statement of Purpose

The Business Transaction Technical Committee is developing XML-based
technology for business transactions on the Internet.  Business to business
interactions on the Internet pose unique challenges; including transactions
that span multiple enterprises and long lasting transactions. The
interdependent workflows among multiple trading partners, which drive
business transactions, need to be coordinated to ensure that the outcome of
the transaction is reliable.

The purpose of this technical committee is to address the agreed set of
requirements for the business transaction protocol and produce a final
specification for the business transaction protocol that works in
conjunction with existing and emerging business messaging and web services

As of the date of adoption of this specification the OASIS BT Technical
Committee exists, with the charter of

- maintaining the specification in the light of implementation experiences
- coordinating publicity for BTP
- liaising with other standards bodies whose work affects or may be affected
by BTP
- reviewing the appropriate time, in the light of implementation
  experience and user support, to put BTP forward for adoption as a
  full OASIS standard

The original charter of the OASIS Business Transactions Protocol Technical
Committee may be found at

Statements regarding IPR related to the work of this TC may be found at

William Z Pope                            Bill.Pope@Choreology.com
Choreology Ltd                          US Office: +1 603 373 0598
Director of Product Management   London Office: +44 (0)8707 369686
                                           Mobile: +1 603 502 4490

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