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bws-discuss message

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Subject: Welcome to BWS discuss!

Dear BWS-Discuss colleagues:
Welcome to the bws-discuss! This is a list for dicussing the creation of a new OASIS TC with a focus on biometrics & web services.
I'm delighted to be leading off our discussion. OASIS was kind enough to coordinate the list creation to coincide with the 2010 Biometric Consortium Conference (which officially starts tommorrow). Hopefully, by announcing the lists' creation at this conference we'll engage a diverse audience of government, industry, and academia.
By the close of the conference (this week) I'm going to try to post a draft charter. Feedback is welcome! A primary purposes of this list is to discuss, change and evolve that charter.
If you're at BCC, please stop by the NIST booth, introduce yourself and take a look at our web-services-based, wireless biometric acquisition.
Ross J. Micheals

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