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bws-discuss message

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Subject: Charter for OASIS BWS TC - Initial draft

Dear bws-discuss colleagues:


For discussion and general consideration, I’m attaching an draft charter for the BWS TC. It’s based on the draft posted to the BIAS group, but makes some of the end goal use cases more explicit. (That is, making sure that at the end of the project, we have something that might be useful for multifactor authentication and mobile identification. The specifications would hopefully be useful for more applications than those two, but putting some end goals might help focus where we want to go.)


Please edit, update and repost!




P.S. I don’t know how the e-mail list or archive handles attachments, so hopefully there is indeed a docx file attached.


BWS TC Charter posted to OASIS Group:





Ross J. Micheals

National Institute of Standards and Technology






Draft Charter for OASIS BWS TC - 27 Sept 2010.docx

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