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Subject: An observation

As I build a CAM processor I find that I have two UseCases for the CAM template that give rise to some interesting issues.

Context elements can have conditions.  hese conditions can either be evaluated against variables(parameters) or xpath statements.  These conditions can be evaluated in two modes: 

1) just the template - i.e. on the basis of parameters values evaluate the condition.
2) XML instance - check the XML instance to evaluate the condition and then proceed.

When you are trying to produce documentation about what is allowed for a message it is useful to 'trim' the structure without the existence of an XML instance file.  This means that any condition that falls into the second category can not be evaluated.  These conditions would be the equivalent of having schematron asserts.

What does this mean.  It means that conditions can be 'precompiler' based or run-time based.  This means that any 'trimming' should be regarded in the same manner.


  condition="$OrderType = 'Provision'

this can be evaluated as long as the value of the OrderType parameter is set.


this is a check to see if the HouseName element exists.  This can only be evaluated if an XML instance file is supplied.

Not sure this changes anything other than possibly needs to be added to catergorize any UseCases for the CAM template.

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