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Subject: First draft 014 specification

Spent some time last two days doing the edits on this,
as per the comments received since 013 release.
Attached ZIP is the fruits of these efforts so far.
Included are some minor changes to the schema to
support the use of <Structure> to do Merge of content
along with <ExternalMapping> section.  I've tried to
minimize changes to the schema at this stage.
I've only updated the DTD in the specification so far,
but in the ZIP is a standalone DTD and an XSD for
your own local testing, etc.
The XSD was autogenerated from the DTD.
I'm hoping I've caught most all of the substantive changes
needed to the specifications.
What I know of so far is this:
1) Waiting to hear back from folks at Oxygen who found
    some error with one of the examples XML (think it was
    namespace related) when they used their parser on it.
2) Need to replace the schema and overview diagrams with
    the new versions 014 once we are happy with the new
    schema adjustments.
3) Suspect there are some incremental consistency
    changes I've missed, and possibly also examples
    that need to change.
4) Need feedback from Joe Lubenow on suitability of
    Merge syntax to do addresses as per the
    PATDL for UPU examples.
5) WSDL example for interfacing to CAM processor (
    clone and edit of example that ASAP folks have done)
    If someone wants to do this and send it me - please do.
Please feel free to add to the list!    My plan here is to
finalize these edits in the next couple of weeks so we
have a working draft to go on at XML2003 with.
Thanks, DW.

CAM v014.zip

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