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Subject: Re: OASIS CES-TC Press Release & Call for Sponsor Quotes (Due 12 February)

Dear CES-TC members:Â
This is a reminder that the deadline for CES-TC Sponsor members to submit quotes for the upcoming press release is next Monday, 12 February. Sponsor members (Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel, Micron, Microsoft, U.S. NIST, and SAP, plus any others who join/upgrade to Sponsor by 12 February) are encouraged to participate! If you haven't submitted a Sponsor quote for the release but intend to, please let me know.Â

Also, please send me the name/email of your organization's marketing contact so we can coordinate our efforts for social promotion related to this announcement.

Thank you,
Mary Beth

On Mon, Jan 29, 2024 at 8:00âAM Mary Beth Minto <marybeth.minto@oasis-open.org> wrote:
Dear CES-TC members:
OASIS is drafting a press release to announce the CES-TC's launch. We've targeted Tuesday, 13 February, for distribution.ÂA few important points to note:

Member Recognition:
While OASIS deeply appreciates the contributions of all members, only Foundational andÂSponsorÂmembers elect to receive promotional benefits, such as inclusion in announcements directed to the press.Â
The subhead of theÂpress release will highlight:ÂCisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel, Micron, Microsoft, U.S. NIST, and SAPÂ(plus any others who join/upgrade toÂSponsorÂby 12 February).ÂÂ

If you represent one of the above organizations, and you do *not* wish to be included in the press release, please notify me as soon as possible.

Submitting aÂQuote:
Please note that theÂsponsorÂquote deadline is in 10 business days: Monday, 12 February
  • Foundational andÂSponsorÂmembers may submit aÂquoteÂ(75 words or fewer) that will be featured in the body of the press release. Sponsor quotes remain confidential until the press release is published.
  • Please emailÂquotesÂto me, including the name and title of the person at your organization to whom theÂquoteÂcan be attributed,ÂbyÂMonday, 12 February.
  • In addition to your 75-wordÂquote,ÂFoundational andÂSponsorÂmembers have the option to send in a 30-second videoÂquoteÂfor a testimonial video tied to the announcement.
  • If you represent a Contributor-level member, and you wish to be recognized as a leader in the CES-TC'sÂwork, pleaseÂcontactÂme for information on changing your membership level to take advantage of this promotional benefit. (The dues increase would be prorated based on your renewal date.)Â
Help Us Amplify the News:
Please send me the name/email of your organization's marketing contact so we can collaborate with them to promote this exciting announcement.Â

Thank you,
Mary Beth



Content Manager


+1.781.569.5115 (direct)

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