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Subject: QUESTION: do all apsid's in XCF have to be in WebCGM file?

I've been thinking about the biggest issue facing S1000D in adopting
WebCGM 2.0.

The HOTSPOT element id attribute cooresponds to the figure level.
FIGURE can contain multiple GRAPHIC elements.  This is like the
GRAPHIC/SHEET relationship in the ATA.  That means that the S1000D apsid
attribute within the hotspot can point to one of a number of graphics
(SHEETs) in the figure.  This means that there is potentially a one to
many relationship between hotspot elements and WebCGM files.  We talked
about this a little in Munich, but didn't some to a resolution and it's
an issue that keeps bothering Peter.  Presumably apsid's are required to
be unique across all GRAPHICS within a FIGURE.

In WebCGM 2.0, we define apsid as: "The unique identifier of the
Application Structure for the given WebCGM file" 
Does this imply that the identifier has to appear in the given WebCGM
file?  Consider an XCF with might contain apsid's that span multiple
WebCGM files.  Would a viewer application fail when it didn't find a
match in the current WebCGM file?, or ignore it and not load it into the

As a side note, I don't think anyone in the S1000D community has
implemented a HOTSPOT element that contains apsid's spanning multiple
GRAPHIC elements, but the potential is there.


Thx...Dave Cruikshank
Technical Fellow - Graphics/Digital Data Interchange
Boeing Commercial Airplane
206.544.8876, fax 206.544.9590

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