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Subject: re[2]: [cgmo-webcgm] Rob's respons on NURBS test


Here's a real world CAD CGM file that uses NURBS.
This was created with AutoCAD.


  > > This all leads to an observation/question.  Why is it that in 
  > > all of the time we've been soliciting files for the NURBS 
  > > test suite, the only NURBS example (with weights not equal to 
  > > 1.0) was created by hand?  Are these things actually produced 
  > > by any CAD systems in common use?"
  > > 

  > My personal opinion on this one continues to be that there is no particular
  > reason for NUBS/NURBS in our environment. However, to allow for one single
  > in-house-built product to play with these kind of curves, all others have to
  > implement it as well...;-)


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