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cgmo-webcgm message

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Subject: interpolated-interior-01 on FTP

Thanks to Don for his help in finishing this:


This is the simplest possible test -- parallel style, one stage, from white 
at one corner of the square to black at the diagonally opposite corner.

Note about the reference image:  you will notice it looks "fuzzy" (like it 
was anti-aliased).  That is because I resized Don's image from 591x591 to 
450,450 (the exact <img> width and height), using Adobe ImageReady, and 
bi-cubic resampling.  If this (the image resizing) is *not* done, then 
browsers will often use nearest-neighbor resampling if the PNG size doesn't 
match the 'img' size.  That can lead to shabby looking, pixel-drop-out results.

I don't see a practical way around it -- thoughts?


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