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Subject: Potential table


After playing with the table in and trying all sorts of things
made it much worse I finally began to understand it (I think).  I left
the targets of the links the same, but changed the callouts a bit to
if it was used in printed form. 

Stuart Galt
SGML Resource Group
(206) 544-3656

Title: OASIS CGM Open specification - WebCGM 2.0 - WebCGM Intelligent Content Summary of behaviors

The following informative table summarizes the rules for how the picture and object behaviors are expressed for links of different types, i.e., depending on the source and destination media types of the link. References are provided to the locations of the rules.

Type of link picBehavior / HTML target ** objBehavior
HTML-to-CGM Specified by the 'target' attribute of the <a> element; and is not applicable (n/a) for the <object> element [ref] URI fragment, form without picterm [ref]
CGM-to-HTML Specified by the 3rd parameter of 'linkuri' [ref]; not applicable (n/a)
CGM-to-CGM The preferred method is to use the 3rd parameter of 'linkuri' [ref]
Use of the picTerm of URI fragment in 1st parameter [ref] is discouraged.
URI fragment in 1st parameter of 'linkuri' [ref]
DOM-script-CGM Prohibited: The 'src' attribute of the WebCGM interface is the URI of the current document — only "_replace" supported [ref] 5.7.3;
(DOM changes to 'linkuri' follow 'linkuri' rules
URI fragment on 'src' [ref] 5.7.3;
(DOM changes to 'linkuri' follow 'linkuri' rules
XCF-to-CGM n/a (prohibited) — XCF can only edit 'linkuri' [ref] (XCF changes to 'linkuri' follow 'linkuri' rules

** The behavior, as defined in section, depends upon the target content type. For HTML link targets it effectively matches HTML's "Frame Target Names", and for CGM link targets it is an extended derivative of that specification."

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