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Subject: re[2]: [cgmo-webcgm] getAppStructureById?


  > At 03:46 PM 4/17/2006 -0500, Don Larson wrote:
  > >Lofton,
  > >
  > >I'm struggling with the definition of the getAppStructureById. In the spec
  > >it indicates that getAppStructureById returns a WebCGMNode.

  > While studying your message and the text [1],
  > [1] 
  > http://www.w3.org/Submission/2006/SUBM-WebCGM20-20060313/WebCGM20-DOM.html#i
  > picture 
  > ,
  > I notice that the getAppStructureById description says, "Return value 
  > boolean; true if this node has any children, false otherwise."  Looks like 
  > a cut-paste error that no one noticed before.

Yes, I noticed this too but wasn't going to bring it up til I sorted the
other issue.

  > This should be an erratum, regardless of how we resolve your 
  > WebCGMNode/WebCGMAppStructure question

  > >But the examples and tests imply that it is returning a WebCGMAppStructure
  > >object, e.g.
  > >
  > >http://www.w3.org/Submission/2006/SUBM-WebCGM20-20060313/WebCGM20-DOM.html#
  > L5095
  > >In this example it is using pic.getAppstructure("A"); to get
  > >"obj" floowed by obj.setAppStructureAttr. But if "obj" is of type
  > >WebCGMNode, it doesn't have a setAppStructureAttr member?

  > (The example you're referring to is actually at ...#L5010, in case anyone 
  > else got confused like me.)

  > >I understand that WebCGMnode is the base of  the WebCGMAppStructure
  > >interface and so inherits the attributes of WebCGMNode. But WebCGMNode
  > >doesn't inherit from WebCGMAppStructure.
  > >
  > >So What am I missing here?

  > You and Benoit seem to agree that it ought to be changed (and so do I,
  >  FWIW).

  > Will someone submit precise proposed changes to the text (incl. Ch.8, 
  > ECMAScript), please?  I think I know, but let's start documenting and 
  > compiling the comprehensive changes list now.

The change should be:

  5.7.5 IDL Definition line 6
    change from
	WebCGMNode getAppStructureById(in WebCGMString apsId); 
	WebCGMAppStructure getAppStructureById(in WebCGMString apsId); 


 > Thanks,
  > -Lofton.

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