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Subject: draft 2.0 pro-forma

All --

I have made a first cut at updating the viewer ICS pro-forma to WebCGM 2.0:

This consisted mostly of adding the DOM/XCF tests, plus a few others.  And 
a few small adjustments (such as -- no more Symbol Library).  For 
convenience, the changes are HTML-tagged in this first-draft version.

The content is pretty much correct I think.  But I have some notes & 
questions, mostly about format, some about completeness:

1.) Are we satisfied with including DOM & XCF as a single table row in the 
"Dynamic" section (1.6)?  Or should that section -- like the static section 
-- consist of two subsections:  dynamic V4; dynamic DOM/XCF?  (Probably the 
latter, but it will require a little more work and analysis than this lazy 

2.) What about the "*" items in the Dynamic V4 section -- basic tests that 
were desirable but never written (e.g., 'subpara')?  There are 5 of 
'em:  fragment-browserBug-BE-04*, otherAPS-subPara-BE-03*, 
otherAPS-subPara-BE-04*, otherAPS-layer-BE-05*, 
otherAPS-contentModel-BE-06*.  Should we add tests for: none?  all?  some?

3.) trans-cell-color and trans-cell-color-escape?  I recall that we made 
tests for Transparent Cell Colour (V3 element) and for the equivalent 
Escape 22 (both written by Dave, as I recall).  In fact, I have the test 
files in a working subdirectory of the 2.0 suite, including reference 
images.  The names are trans-cell-color and trans-cell-color-escape.  Does 
anyone recall anything about these, and what might be the reason that they 
aren't in the test suite (i.e., other than "editor error")?


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