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cgmo-webcgm message

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Subject: Test Matrix looking for a home.

Hello all,

I have attached an initial version of the test matrix.  It shuold
probably have a 
publicly available semi-permanent home.  Ideally it will be updated
often as the 
test entries get added and the status changes to the various stages on
the way
to approved.  I am looking for ideas of where to put this file or how to
a link in kavi to the most recent version of something.

Also this is a plea to please submit the test titles and a brief "one
so we can put your test on the table.  If you have an idea about when it
be ready to be submitted that is even better.

Thank you

Stuart Galt
SGML Resource Group
(206) 544-3656

Title: WebCGM 2.1 Test Matrix

This table is up to date as of: August 11, 2008

Test Name Description Test Ready Date Author Status
ACI FontMap and Default Attribute tests
aciFileSearch test viewer abilty to find ACI file via search path Don Larson pending
aciDefaultFont test default font Don Larson pending
aciSimpleFontSubsitution test simple font subsitution Don Larson pending
aciForceSubstitution test forced font substitution Don Larson pending
aciFontNormalization test font name normalization Don Larson pending
aciGenericFonts test 5 generic font names, e.g. serif, san-serif, cursive,... Don Larson pending
aciMapListOrder test priority-ordered font list Don Larson pending
aciLineAttr test lineCap, lineJoin and lineTypeCont metafile default Don Larson pending
aciEdgeAttr test edgeCap, edgeJoin and edgeTypeCont metafile default Don Larson pending
aciMitreLimit test mitre limits metafile default Don Larson pending
aciRestrictedTextType test Restricted Text Type metafile default Don Larson pending
aciLineEdgeTypeDef test line and edge type definiton metafile default Don Larson pending
aciHatchStyleDef test hatch style definiton metafile default Don Larson pending
zcompress test Compressed CGM with ".cgz" extension Don Larson pending
Get Object Extents
getObjectExtents test extents of various objects including a transformed object and a text object Stuart Galt pending
substring test that substring APS display correctly, and linking works Stuart Galt pending

Status can be: pending, submitted, reviewed, approved, reworking

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