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cgmo-webcgm message

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Subject: test suite



Here are the test names, description, and due date.


SetGetBGColor.htm    tests picture background color                               8/29/08

SetGetTextStyles.htm   tests all text styles (picture and APS level) 8/29/08

SetGetIntensity.htm   tests intensity (picture and APS level) 8/29/08

SetGetLineStyles2.0.htm  tests all Web2.0 line styles (picture and APS level) 8/29/08

SetGetFillStyles2.0.htm  tests all Web2.0 solid styles (picture and APS level) 8/29/08

SetGetStrokeType.htm  tests stroke type (APS level) 8/30/08

SetGetStrokeOffset.htm   tests line pattern initial offset (APS level) 8/30/08

SetGetInteriorStyle.htm    tests interior style (APS level) 9/30/08

SetGetHatchIndex.htm    tests hatch index (APS level) 9/30/08

SetGetPatternIndex.htm    tests pattern index (APS level) 9/30/08

SetGetEdgeVisibility.htm    tests edge visibility (APS level) 9/30/08

SetGetFillOffset.htm     tests fill pattern offset  (APS level) 9/30/08



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