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Subject: RE: [cgmo-webcgm] Groups - WebCGM TC telecon added

Dear all,

From 2011 onwards the OASIS membership will be taken over by EADS (Airbus parent company).

Therefore, we will not continue participating to CGMOpen.

As per the last 2/3 years, you surely do not think that we were participating at all. That is true.
One reason is that my job assignment as evolved to a wider scope for the R1T activities.
But the main reason for that is that we are now using CGM in a smoother way than at the origin of the CGMOpen group (back to 2000).
CGMOpen has allowed CGM reaching a very good maturity and has made it really usable in our industry.
For that, I want to thank all of the people that have participated to this really concrete achievement.
I also want to tell all of you how it has been a great experience to discuss, to work and sometimes to fight in the context of the CGMOpen.

I am looking forward to meeting any of you again.

Best Regards

Franck DULUC 
Engineering & Maintenance Research Manager 
Engineering & Maintenance Projects - Customer Services - SEVD 

AIRBUS Operations SAS 
Phone: +33 (0)5 61 18 19 16 
Mobile: +33 (0)6 89 97 99 54 
Fax: +33 (0)5 61 93 59 44 
PO Box D06-0A4, 316, route de Bayonne 
31060 TOULOUSE Cedex 9, FRANCE 
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-----Original Message-----
From: stuart.a.galt@boeing.com [mailto:stuart.a.galt@boeing.com] 
Sent: 08 February 2011 19:13
To: cgmo-webcgm@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [cgmo-webcgm] Groups - WebCGM TC telecon added

Please bring your thoughts and ideas.

 -- Mr. Stuart Galt

WebCGM TC telecon has been added by Mr. Stuart Galt

Date:  Tuesday, 15 February 2011
Time:  07:30am - 08:30am PT

Event Description:
The passcode for the telecon is: 932246

Dial in numbers:
Canada 		888-283-7545 	Toll-Free
France 		0800-91-5040 	Toll-Free
Germany 		0-69-51709628 	Caller Paid 	 
Germany 		0800-180-2521 	Toll-Free
United Kingdom 	0808-234-2702 	Toll-Free
USA 			888-283-7545 	Toll-Free

Discuss the state of the TC  and what do we want to accomplish this year.


View event details:

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