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Subject: yet another question

In section, it is written:

"1. If the object does not contain a 'region' attribute and contains no a 
LinkURI attributes no further action is required. "

This is in the discussion of pick behavior.  It is my recollection and 
interpretation, that "...no further action is required" does *not* imply 
"non-action is mandated".  I.e., it is valid for a viewer to highlight such 
an object on mouseover, for example.  And, someone could write a 
companion-file application where a click on such an object actually caused 
something to happen.

That is, we are explicitly leaving room for people to build private 
applications using WebCGM viewers and WebCGM files, whose behavior is 
outside the specifications of WebCGM 1.0?



P.S.  The test suite raised this question, again.  As interpreted above, 
there are no testable statements.  If interpreted as, "...it is required 
that the viewer take no action" -- which I don't believe to be the case -- 
the a test is possible. 

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