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cgmopen-members message

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Subject: Lofton/Don Sub-scenario

CGMOpen Menbers-

Here is our Vendor demo sub-scneario for commnets:

First 5 minutes, LH, slides:

1.  Introduction, who we are, why we're here.  (And go see all of our fine 
vendors for more detail, in Expo.)
2.  What is WebCGM, who uses it, and why (1 slide plus references, 
pointers, and reference to Thurs talks)
3.  Criteria for successful interoperability (1 slide:  stable 
well-designed standard; well-targeted at constituent niche; critical mass 
of interoperable implementations; verifiability/test-suite...)
4. About the WebCGM Test Suite (1 slide?)

Second 5 minutes, Don, working with Test Suite, Lofton helping to narrate:

5. Verifying a WebCGM Viewer with NIST test suite. Step thought selected
test files illustrating WebCGM capabilities and viewer behavior, e.g. linking,
selection, regions, screen-tips.

6. NIST suite as learning tool for Web graphics authors and programmers.  
With CGM editor open a couple of WebCGM example files, to show
the attributes of WewbCGM objects. Then revise an object then show effects in

### end draft ###

Don Larson.

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