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Subject: Vendor Demo at Orlando

CGM Open Members --

Our proposal for a WebCGM vendor-demo and product interoperability session 
has been accepted for the Orlando XML 2001 conference.  More details later, 
but it will likely be Wednesday morning.  I plan to make a full public 
announcement once all the details are known.

We are working on the details of the demo now -- our second planning 
teleconference is Wednesday morning (10/9).

One of the materials in the demo will be the WebCGM Test Suite.  We expect 
to be able to finally make a first public release soon.

FYI, the text of our submission follows:

### begin submission text ###
Presenter:  CGM Open Consortium

Title:  New Vendor Products for REC WebCGM Interoperability

Type of presentation:  in-the-middle

Keywords:  web graphics, vector graphics, conformance test suite, 

Marketing Description (<=255 chars):  Key vendors of WebCGM Technology, an 
emerging standard for delivering high quality technical graphics over the 
Web, team together to present a sampling of their product offerings.

Technical Needs:  2 video projectors, podium, long "panel" table, 
whiteboard or flipchart.


WebCGM is a stable and mature W3C Recommendation for technical graphics on 
the Web.  Besides having functionality accurately targeted at its 
functional niche, a standard needs several other things to succeed.  The 
most obvious need is a critical mass of implementations which interoperate 
successfully.  Five vendors of the CGM Open Consortium are now releasing 
WebCGM products, whose functionality spans the categories of  WebCGM 
content generators, format transcoders, viewers and browser plugins, 
editors, and validators.  These products are being built with the aid of a 
new WebCGM Conformance Test Suite, which adds the critical component of 
verifiability.  After a brief introduction and pointer to additional WebCGM 
resources and information, we will present three brief sub-scenarios that 
simulate snippets of workflow, in which the five vendors will (pair-wise) 
apply their products and functionality, to demonstrate the interoperable 
potential of WebCGM and the products.
### end ###


Lofton Henderson
1919 Fourteenth St., #604
Boulder, CO   80302

Phone:  303-449-8728
Email:  lofton@rockynet.com

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