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Subject: Re: OASIS TC presentations at Orlando XML conference

Philippe DeSmedt wrote:

 > Sounds good. Vendor track may be the way to go. I'd expect other OASIS ebXML
 > TCs to possibly do more on the talking side.
 > Thanks.

That would be good. Then we will have the full gamut covered; since the theme of 
the conference is "XML: What Really Works?" it would be good to be able to show 
things working together as well as talking about the possibilities of their 
working together.

Someone on the ebXML side might also think about putting in a proposal for a Town 
Hall meeting - these are new this year. Sort of a cross between a BOF and a Q&A, 
they have a discussion leader who introduces the topic and then moderates the 
ensuing discussion. The idea is to give people a chance to really get into some 
topic in depth. We're going to scatter these through the conference.
  The proposal needs to include the topic and the discussion leader.



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