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Subject: Re: [chairs] At long last, filenaming rules document

Philpott, Robert wrote:
> [Rob] I personally also do not care for the date, but we should probably
> leave it up to each TC or submitter to choose.  It can't appear in the OASIS
> standard name, which I like and I'd prefer not to see it on final committee
> specs.  But if a TC wants to use that approach, why not let them

Fair enough.  I will add it as an example that's vaguely deprecated, 
unless someone objects.

> [Rob] I'm not aware of any modern systems that continue to have problems
> with such names; does anyone else?  I think the dots are cleaner looking
> than "_" (ugh!) or "p" (double ugh!) :-) - I say we stick with the dots.

I'd be fine with this.  Again, unless someone objects, I'll plan to keep 
the dots.

> Do you think it's worth adding an explanation of why hyphens are recommended
> and underscores are just "may".  I'm okay with the current recommended/may
> wording - it's just a minor suggestion.

Good idea.  Will do.

Eve Maler                                        +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems                            cell +1 781 354 9441
Web Technologies and Standards               eve.maler @ sun.com

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