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Subject: [chairs] Info for chair setup of Kavi TC areas


Here's the information I promised so that you can get started with your 
setup. OASIS staff has set up accounts on the Kavi system for as many 
people as we have information for, has created areas for each of the TCs 
(and JCs and MS SCs), and pre-populated these with the subscribers for 
those TCs, etc. We now need you to go into the area for your TC and 
complete the setup.

1. The first step is to get your password and complete the setup your 
personal account. (We'll be asking all OASIS members to do this at the 
time we launch, but you'll need to do it now so that you'll have access 
to the area for your TC.)

   a. Go to http://kavi.oasis-open.org/kmembership_info/request_password 
and enter your email address. The Kavi system will send you your 
username and password.

   b. After you've received your username and password, go to the My 
Account page at http://kavi.oasis-open.org/members/user_tools, login, 
then click on the Edit button and update your personal information. Make 
sure to save your changes.

2. The next step is to edit the information for your TC (or JC or MS SC).

   a. Go to the All Groups page (either click on this link from the left 
side of the above page, or go to 

   b. Select the name of your TC (or JC or MS SC)

   c. edit the following information:

     - Manage Roster: This is where you need to do most of your work. 
I've pre-loaded the system with all of the subscribers to your TC list, 
and set them all as Observers (who receive mail but can't vote). Your 
job is to change the role of any people who are voting members of the 
TC. Remember the TC membership rules (see the TC Process or TC 
Guidelines for help, or contact me). If you've been keeping a membership 
roster then you'll already know who is who; otherwise this will be the 
people who joined the TC at some point and have been attending regularly 
since then. (The rosters you sent me a couple weeks ago were used to 
make sure that we had accounts created for all these people.) Change 
both the Role (the pulldown) as well as checking the Voting Member box. 
Set the roles for TC Chairs (if you have co- or vice-chairs) and 
Secretaries also; these are the people who will have permission to edit 
information on the site. Click the Submit Changes button when you're done.

     - Manage Email Templates: No need to do anything here unless you 
want to customize the message that is sent when someone joins the TC.

     - Upcoming Events: Add your upcoming TC meetings etc. here. We 
covered this in the training class, but if you didn't attend you can 
still probably figure it out. Remember that we won't launch until mid 
March so don't worry about any meetings that are in the next couple of 

     - Recent Documents: This is where you'll be entering documents into 
the doc repository. It's up to you whether you want to start entering 
documents or not. If you have just a few documents on your current TC 
page then you can start this at any time. If you have quite a few you 
may want to wait a bit, as we're trying to put together some means of 
mass importing large numbers of docs. If you do want to start entering 
docs I would suggest that this would be a good opportunity to start 
using the doc naming scheme that has recently been discussed on the 
chairs mail list.

     - Open Ballots: This is where you'll create ballots, but as we're 
not going to be launching the Kavi system until mid March you probably 
won't have any ballots to put in here now.

     - Recent Action Items: This is where you'll create action items for 
members of the TC, but as we're not going to be launching the Kavi 
system until mid March you probably won't have any action items to put 
in here now.

     - Subgroups: This is where you set up your TC subcommittees. Click 
Add, then on the page that appears enter the SC name, the abbreviated 
name and mail list name (IMPORTANT: make sure that both of these match 
the name of the current SC mail list), chair (use the lookup), charter, 
and other settings (leave the settings as defaulted).

General info:

- Please don't forward these instructions to your TC or SC members. This 
pre-launch setup is intended just for TC (and JC and MS SC) chairs and 
secretaries. Once we launch the system in mid March we'll ask all OASIS 
members to set up their accounts and allow them to start using the 
functionality on the TC pages.

- Once the system is launched an email notification will be sent to 
people when something about their account or something on the TC page 
changes. Email notification will be turned off until then as we'll be 
making lots of changes.

- Please contact me with questions related to policy or process; for 
general help with "how do I do something in Kavi" please contact 


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
+1 978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org

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