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Subject: [chairs] observers vs prospective members

I know the observer category is meant to cover prospective members, 
and that the prospective members will be moved automatically, but I 
would still like to have some way to see the list of members and 
prospective members separately to other observers. The reason for 
this is that observers are probably less likely to want to 
participate in phone calls, and in general are likely to be less 
active, so it would be handy to separate them out from the list. This 
would also help where the TC does not allow non-TC members to post to 
the general list (section 1.i of the process), but does allow 
prospective members to post. I'm not sure if this case exists 
anywhere, but it seems a reasonable possibility to me.

I'm assuming here that the observer category is where those Eligible 
Persons who aren't members but are subscribed to the TC mailing list 
fit. The term isn't defined in the process document.


Lauren Wood, Chair, Entity Resolution TC

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