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Subject: [chairs] more Kavi questions

1) Why does the "My Calendar" page show meetings for TCs other than 
the ones I'm a member of? By the time every TC has all their meetings 
on the page, it will be really hard to see which ones I actually care 
about. I can imagine wanting a complete calendar of events, but I'd 
prefer that as a separate page, so I'm not overwhelmed by it when I 
don't need all that information.

2) Along the same lines, why does the "My Groups" page show upcoming 
events for groups other than those I'm a member of? I would like the 
action items and recent documents to be similarly filtered to only 
those groups I'm a member of.

3) The "All Groups" page has a number next to the TC name that 
purports to be the number of members, but seems to actually be the 
total of email subscribers, whether they're members or observers 
(judging by the ER TC). Can this be fixed, either in nomenclature, or 
to show the real number of members? 



Lauren Wood, Chair, Entity Resolution TC

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