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Subject: RE: [chairs] Info for chair setup of Kavi TC areas

I completely agree with Jon here.  It has always struck me as improper that people not participating could actually delay their removal from good standing.

Meetings that are properly called with sufficient advanced notice, and are advertised as formal meetings requiring quorum, should count toward good standing (in both cases Jon mentions below), even if such meetings fail to reach quorum.  

If this requires changing OASIS process rules, I think that is worth discussing.

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Subject: Re: [chairs] Info for chair setup of Kavi TC areas

| Yes, as I said above. A person will sign up for the TC, be made a
| prospective member and assigned an Observer role, then converted
| to Member after 60 days or three meetings. (This is another reason
| that you need to keep track of meeting attendance. Only meetings
| that achieve quorum count as valid meetings, and the number of
| valid meetings is used to calculate the three meeting rule.)

I don't think this is correct.  Good standing is (or should be)
based on good-faith attempts to attend meetings.  Attendance at
regularly scheduled meetings that fail to achieve a quorum should
count for this.

Robert's says:

   ... if a quorum fails to appear at a regular or properly called
   meeting, the inability to transact business does not detract
   from the fact that the society's rules requiring the meeting to
   be held were complied with and the meeting was convened ...
   (pp. 341-342)

I think this applies to both the three-meeting rule for
prospective members and the two-out-of-three meetings rule for
members in good standing.


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