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Subject: Re: [chairs] Info for chair setup of Kavi TC areas

>> c.    During the training, I asked about being able to track members on 
>> Leave of Absence.  It was suggested to just move them to an observer 
>> role and move them back to member when they return.  This may become 
>> tedious and error prone.  And since OASIS has rules about membership 
>> status and LOA, it seems the system intended to help us manage 
>> membership should support that as well.  It seems we won't be able to 
>> get away from using our current TC membership spreadsheet since we make 
>> an entry when someone goes on LOA with the date that they left and when 
>> they'll return.
>I'm not sure that there is anything here that could be automated other 
>than a reminder to the chair for when to convert that back to full 
>membership status. And LOAs occur seldom enough (or am I wrong?) that 
>it's probably not something that we want to spend resources building.

I disagree.  As the Secretary for the SSTC & WSSTC, I'm often tracking at least one person on LOA.  A possible manual approach could be to remove the "Voting Member" flag from members on LOA.  Aside from this, I can't see any reason you wouldn't always have the "Voting Member" flag set for someone in the "Member" role.

It would be helpful to have a more automated process to provide an alert when the maximum LOA duration has been reached, but not essential (given the above manual solution).

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