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Subject: Re: [chairs] Re: Quorum required for good standing

On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 19:42, Jon Bosak wrote:

> This works fine for everyone else.  Why are we screwing around
> with the basic concept of a majority?

Well, I must ask, who's screwing around with the concept of a majority?
All we did was (try to) clarify the issue of what is quorum when dealing
with email votes because the argument that 'if less than a majority has 
not voted there is no quorum achieved and therefore the vote does not 
count' kept cropping, and it does so in perhaps not the best language 
possible but with the same meaning: in email votes quorum is the same
as membership (or as you say, the concept of quorum is meaningless).

> | > That may be true in theory, but in the practice, when in a 20 person TC
> | > an email vote elicits 2 yes votes and 1 no vote and the rest either
> | > send "I abstain" messages or none at all, people are quite reluctant
> | > to consider the matter settled in favor of the motion. Most would say,
> | > and have said, that the vote doesn't and shouldn't count.
> | 
> | If everyone else abstains or can't be bothered voting, doesn't that 
> | mean they don't care about the result of that vote? So why shouldn't 
> | it count?
> That's how it's supposed to work, and that's how in f2f meetings
> it actually does work.  This is called a majority vote (p. 395):
>    Majority Vote -- the Basic Requirement
>    As stated on page 4, the basic requirement for approval of an
>    action or choice by a deliberative assembly, except where a
>    rule provides otherwise, is a _majority vote_.  The word
>    _majority_ means "more than half"; and when the term _majority
>    vote_ is used without qualification -- as in the case of the
>    basic requirement -- it means more than half of the votes cast
>    by persons legally entitled to vote, excluding blanks or
>    abstentions, at a regular of properly called meeting at which a
>    quorum is present.
> This works fine for everyone else.  Why are we screwing around
> with the basic concept of a majority?
> Jon
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