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chairs message

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Subject: Re: Kavi services up

That's only for the TC lists. The comment lists are unaffected by any of 
this other than being moved from our former email service to our 
internal mail server.


Norman Walsh wrote:
> | Also regarding lists: only lists for those subcommittees that you had
> | me create on Kavi will exist, and only people marked as Member, TC
> | Chair, or Secreatry on the TC roster will be able to post. (If I hear
> | from people who aren't able to post, once the lists are running, and
> | the roster for that TC hasn't been updated, I'll refer those people to
> | the TC chair as a reminder that the roster needs to be updated.)
> The DocBook TC maintains several lists and the preceding policy is
> unacceptable for at least two of them. In particular, the docbook and
> docbook-apps lists must remain available to the public.

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