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Subject: [chairs] rollout schedule, and new public TC pages


We're still on schedule for launching the new (Kavi) TC functionality 
later this week. Here's a few things for you to note:

* We're trying to get the word "Kavi" out of our vocabulary. That's the 
name of the company who is providing the software, but not what we're 
going to be calling this functionality in the long term. Since there's 
really no reason to develop a name with associated branding, we're just 
going to refer to this functionality in a generic sense, e.g. this is 
the membership database with associated TC functionality.

An important thing to note is that by the end of the week when this is 
launched we will be removing "kavi" from the URLs for the tools. So, 
where you currently go to the All Groups page at 
http://kavi.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/portal/ you will instead 
go to http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/portal/  If you've 
created any browser bookmarks you'll need to recreate them. During the 
setup and implementation of the system we've needed a separate server 
and URL, but once this is launched this will reside on the primary OASIS 
web server. You'll know that launch has happened when we send out a note 
to all OASIS members asking them to obtain their passwords from the 
membership database -- probably on Thursday.

* You may start seeing some email notifications from the (Kavi) server 
over the next few days. The TC functionality includes notification to a 
TC chair when something happens in the TC, such as when someone signs up 
for the TC, etc. We're turning this on now as we need to be testing some 
of the functionality. You can ignore these messages for the next couple 
of days, but once we go live please pay attention to them.

* The "out of the box" functionality doesn't do much about public 
exposure of the TC's work; everything is private for TC members only. 
But as the OASIS philosophy is complete openness, we've had to build a 
public interface for the TCs. We could have just continued using your 
existing TC pages, but that would be extra work over the long run as a 
lot of the information on the current page is also kept in the database; 
there's no reason to maintain the same information in two places. We've 
been working on combining the public static HTML with the information in 
the member database. The following URL is a prototype of this:


This isn't 100% complete but shows the concept: We're using pretty much 
the same template, but all of the content from your page is either a 
query into the database, or static information from your current page 
that is now placed on a separate page (use the links in the purple box) 
or at the bottom of the page.

I picked XACML at random to show you, but all of your TCs have similar 
pages in various stages of completion; modify the URL above as 
appropriate to get to your page. By launch time we will have completed 
all of your pages, and also changed the links from the OASIS home page, 
etc. so that the correct pages show up.

Because so much of the information is now going to be coming from the 
database we have made the decision to no longer give you ftp access to 
the pages. If you have (static) information to place on your TC page you 
should just send it to webmaster@oasis-open.org. Any of your information 
that changes on a regular basis will be kept in the database, so there 
should be little change to the static information.

*  I'll be doing a final synch of your TC member rosters with the 
current list subscriptions on Wednesday. Remember to go into the roster 
(if you haven't done so already) and change the role to Member for those 
people who are voting members of the TC. You should also set up your TC 
meetings in the Events section.

*  As promised, we have been working on a mass import of your existing 
documents into the new doc repository so that you wouldn't have to 
import these one at a time. We've had the folks at Kavi grab the files 
in your TC's ftp directory and place them in the doc repository, 
preserving the directory structure. Because only partial information can 
be deduced from the file information (filename and date, etc.) we don't 
know other metadata for the files such as the name of the document or 
submitter, etc. You'll need to go into the doc repository for your TC 
and manually update the individual objects in the repository. There is 
no deadline for this; you can do it at your leisure, but remember that 
the doc repository will be more useful with complete information. We 
will be building redirects so that the existing URL for each of these 
documents will continue to point to the proper document. (The mass 
import is still in progress, so don't panic quite yet if your files 
aren't there.)

This is a lot of stuff, but we're almost there. Let me know if you have 
any concerns and I'll do what I can to correct things.


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
office  +1 978.667.5115 x206     mobile +1 978.761.1648
karl.best@oasis-open.org      http://www.oasis-open.org

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