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chairs message

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Subject: Re: [chairs] changes in operation of TCs


That assumes people are entirely honest.  I could then write an attendance 
Perl script that would be popular!

I like what the BPEL folks do - with the telephone operator capturing 
attendance - if you had an attendee code and a conference code - you could 
capture that automatically thru the IVR system.  But then OASIS would have to 
link to a conferencing system.... ; -)


Quoting Bruce Peat <BPeat@eProcessSolutions.com>:

> I believe Karl has a point here.
> Can Kavi be used for people to register prior and during a meeting?  This may
> remove bookkeeping errors and interruptions during the meeting.
> Okay, I promise not to extend further suggestions as to promoting a
> collaborative meeting environment.
> - Bruce


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