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Subject: Re: [chairs] public comment web form


This new approach seems better.  The current "comments" system was totally 
confusing.  People subscribed to it - thinking they had joined the main list, 
then when they posted messages no one saw them.

Having a simple "send comments" link from the TC page makes more sense IMHO.

Thanks, DW.

Quoting Rich Thompson <richt2@us.ibm.com>:

> So if I understand the design:
>  - There will no longer be a -comment email list one can subscribe to
>  - There will be a web form for submitting comments
>  - These comments will be emailed to the chair and appended to a 
> publically accessible archive
> This maintains accountability, but is a drop on the openness front. Still 
> accountable because anyone can go search the -comment archive, but less 
> open as many fewer will do that than who subscribe to the -comment lists 
> today. 
> I guess I would back up and question why it is a problem for the public 
> email list to be a discussion forum. Have there been instances where this 
> was distractive to the work of the TC or perhaps used inappropriately by 
> some members of the public? Other reasons driving the change?
> Rich Thompson


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