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Subject: Re: [chairs] A question for the Chairs

Interesting thread - particularly on the issue of maintenance beyond the life of 
the TC.

The ISO committee that I chair (ISO TC184 SC4) maintains a SEDS (Standard 
Enhancement and Discrepancy System) database, where anyone using our standards can 
post queries and observed errors.  Ths collection mechanism is maintained by the 
secretariat after a development team has finished ts work, so that a judgement can 
be made on when it is appropriate to consider revisions or updates.  It also allows 
a new team proposing a revision to an existing standard to have immediate access to 
user experience, so that the revision project can address outstanding issues.

We also use the system to record any unresolved issues from approval ballots, so 
that these can be addressed in future updates.

I think the capability would be very useful for the PLCS TC, which will be 
generating multiple deliverables.

Howard Mason

jkenton@datapower.com on 16/10/2003 16:29:52
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Subject:	[chairs] A question for the Chairs

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A Question:

My Committee, the XSLT / XPath Conformance TC, has produced a conformance test 
suite comprising several thousand test cases.  From time to time we get questions 
or comments regarding these tests.  We keep track of these and attempt to resolve 
the issues raised, in much the same way that a software development group keeps 
track of bugs.

My question:  do other committees have a need to track issues, and do you believe 
it would be useful for OASIS to provide a central / standard way to deal with these?

Thoughts / comments?


jeff kenton

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