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Subject: Re: [chairs] Individual members representation?

I'm under the MIT org membership, but am very sympathetic to the proposal. There is an objective metric for voting (each indie member gets one vote for the board rep) and rep would be a good general info conduit.  And doing straw polls, etc would be easy, as would discussion, via online interface and aplication. 

Why not do it?

 - Dan Grenwood

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| Director and Lecturer
|  The MIT E-Commerce 
|    Architecture Program (ECAP)
|       Massachusetts
|          Institute of
|             Technology 
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From: "David RR Webber" <david@drrw.info>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 11:17:22 
To:"Chairs OASIS" <chairs@lists.oasis-open.org>
Subject: [chairs] Individual members representation?

As we are approaching year end some retrospective thoughts and
looks ahead occur.

Would it make sense to add a Board member who represents all
the individual members?

Clearly there are large numbers now contributing to every OASIS
team.  But only corporate members get to vote and nominate 
board members.

Do we need balance, and would input from individual members help?
Would this help toward working with groups such as ISO in the 

Some ground rules would be needed - and also OASIS would need
to cover expenses for the person - as obviously they do not have
a corporate sponsor.  If the person subsequently joined a corporation
would this automatically trigger a new appointment - or could it
be discretionary?  

We could certainly also have a meeting room and feedback area
for individual members via Kavi as another resource.

Personally as an individual member I would definately value reports
back from the board from an independent member there.

OK - so I've taken the lid off a large can of worms here, but this
was an itch so I thought I'd better scratch it!  

What are the pro's and con's?  Is this workable? 


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