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Subject: Re: [chairs] File Naming Spec is out of date

The Quality SC of the TAB is working on a variation of it.

Eve L. Maler wrote:
> I haven't been maintaining this document for about a year, but you're 
> right that it could use some updates.  Does anyone have a particular 
> interest in owning it at this point?  If not, I can try to work on some 
> changes, but it may take me longer than people are willing to wait...
>     Eve
> Hal Lockhart wrote:
>> It has recently come to my attention that the file naming 
>> documentation has not been updated to match the changes in the TC 
>> process made last fall.
>> http://www.oasis-open.org/spectools/docs/chairs-filenaming-02.html
>> Specifically, Committee Specifications are now Committee Drafts, so 
>> the abbreviation "cs" is no longer appropriate. There may be other 
>> changes as well and some of the templates may also be affected.
>> In particular it would be good to have the document say not just what 
>> are the names, but map it specifically to steps in the process, at 
>> least for things that eventually become OASIS Standards.
>> If the process is:
>> 1. Work
>> 2. Vote
>> 3. Public Review
>> 4. Vote
>> 5. Submit
>> 6. Done
>> What should it be named at each number?
>> Hal

Eduardo Gutentag               |         e-mail: eduardo.gutentag@Sun.COM
Web Technologies and Standards |         Phone:  +1 510 550 4616 x31442
Sun Microsystems Inc.          |         W3C AC Rep / OASIS BoD

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